Trinidad Noir

Author: Various Authors 
Publisher:  Akashic Books  (August 1, 2008)
ISBN:  978-1933354552

People think they know the Caribbean, the white-sandy-beaches-rum-and-Coca-Cola-smiling-natives-waving-palms Caribbean—you know the one. And sure, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has sun, sea, beaches, the whole tourist schtick. But this southernmost country in the Caribbean archipelago is filled with paradoxes. She isn’t always the idyllic tropical dream. Far from it. Sometimes she’s a nightmare.

In Trinidad Noir, you’ll trail the country’s criminals, her prostitutes, her officious bureaucrats, her police, her ordinary citizens. Expect to be intrigued. Expect to be entertained. But don’t expect to understand Trinidad . . . Set in the various parts of the country, these stories reflect the island in all her contradictions. As you turn the pages, you will experience a nation like no other. See for yourself, but bear in mind: there’s nothing a Trini won’t do for you, and there’s nothing a Trini won’t do to you.


2 thoughts on “Trinidad Noir

  1. Anon

    This collection is not Noir. Just a bunch of gossipy stories trying to pass off as dark and intriguing. If you want to read a good Noir collection, I recommend the Paris Noir.


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