Hush! Don’t Cry

Author: Ariti Jankie
Publisher: Magicwords Publications (2010)
ISBN: 978-976-8226-57-0

Hush! Don’t Cry is a story of a young girl who follows her dream of traveling to her ancestral home to find a suitable husband. She falls deeply in love and suffers silently while struggling to make a success of her marriage. Divorce for her is not an option. Kapil had warned her: “The next time I beat you, your mother would not recognize you.”

Could it be any worse, she pondered but did not have long to wait to find out.

Meera’s abuse is buried in a woman’s inability to carve her own destiny in a culture where a husband is considered to be god (pati parmeshwar). Her quiet strength and faith in family inspire her struggles until she is driven to the point of no return. Though a victim, she is a survivor in her own right. HUSH. DON’T CRY captures a panoramic sweep in a down-to-earth literary expression of everyday happenings, and tells the story in an easy-to-read account of a life nurtured for happiness yet spiraling headlong into misery and sorrow.


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