The Cubicle Manifesto

Author: Mainak Dhar 
Publisher:  Random House, India (February 3, 2012) 
ISBN:  978-818-400226-3 

This is a road map to achieving success at work and getting more out of life. The cubicle: a small, compressed, half room where we spend half our lives bored, stressed, and secretly planning holidays. Where imagination and creativity die a slow death and ‘out of the box’ can mean only one thing – leaving the office. Mayukh, a young and harried manager, can’t believe his misfortune when he discovers one morning that his computer has been taken over by a virus. Especially when he has enough work on his plate to last him a lifetime. But things take a strange turn and soon the virus starts a revolution that gradually frees our hero from the tyranny of pressure and the shackles of stress. It reconnects him with his true self and family, and brings him more success than he could ever imagine. So if you’ve been spending more time in your cubicle than anywhere else, “The Cubicle Manifesto” is the revolution that you’ve been waiting for; one that you can start in the comfort of your own cubicle.


One thought on “The Cubicle Manifesto

  1. tthtiread

    I read this book in one day and all I have to say is that it was a very adequate book. It really informs you to never let your work world supersede your life that you have away from work and focus on the things that really counts in life. Excellent book I love it 🙂


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