Is America She Gone?

Author: Beverley-Ann Scott
Publisher:  AuthorHouse (November 8, 2012)
ISBN:  978-1-4772-8277-9

When Sandra, a single mother of two decides go to Brooklyn and work illegally for six months as a caregiver, she really believes that she will be able to make a lot of money in a short space of time. Encouraged by her cousin Patsy who lives in Brooklyn, Sandra leaves her children Antonio and Andrea behind in the hope that she will be able to make a better life for them.

In the diverse community of Brooklyn with its large West Indian population, she feels very much at home. However after a few unfortunate encounters, Sandra soon realizes that America is not quite the place that she naively imagined it to be. She questions the wisdom of her decision many times but in her desire to send barrels home to her children, she loses sight of what is truly important – family.

Andrea and Antonio face many challenges, as they struggle to cope with their mother’s absence. Their father, who has started a new family, does not offer much parental support. Soon they fall prey to bad company and it is only a matter of time before their lives become irreversibly changed. When Sandra eventually returns to Trinidad having achieved her financial goals, she learns the hard way that money cannot take the place of a parent’s love and the price she must pay in the end for her decision is higher than she had ever imagined it would be.

From the Author of The Stolen Cascadura – Winner of Trinidad and Tobago NALIS One Book One Community Award 2012


Trinidad Noir

Author: Various Authors 
Publisher:  Akashic Books  (August 1, 2008)
ISBN:  978-1933354552

People think they know the Caribbean, the white-sandy-beaches-rum-and-Coca-Cola-smiling-natives-waving-palms Caribbean—you know the one. And sure, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has sun, sea, beaches, the whole tourist schtick. But this southernmost country in the Caribbean archipelago is filled with paradoxes. She isn’t always the idyllic tropical dream. Far from it. Sometimes she’s a nightmare.

In Trinidad Noir, you’ll trail the country’s criminals, her prostitutes, her officious bureaucrats, her police, her ordinary citizens. Expect to be intrigued. Expect to be entertained. But don’t expect to understand Trinidad . . . Set in the various parts of the country, these stories reflect the island in all her contradictions. As you turn the pages, you will experience a nation like no other. See for yourself, but bear in mind: there’s nothing a Trini won’t do for you, and there’s nothing a Trini won’t do to you.

Valmiki’s Daughter

Author: Shani Mootoo 
Publisher: House of Anansi Press  (September 1, 2010) 
ISBN:  978-0-88784-837-7

In Valmiki’s Daughter, critically acclaimed and best-selling novelist Shani Mootoo returns to the style — and some of the themes — she first explored in her breakout book, Cereus Blooms at Night. Mootoo introduces readers to the Krishnus, a well-to-do Trinidadian family firmly ensconced in the strict social hierarchy of the island. In this story of family secrets, patriarch Valmiki conceals a painful fact about his sexual identity while his youngest, the lively and intelligent Viveka, struggles to come to terms with a painful secret connected to her sexual identity. As Valmiki’s and Viveka’s secrets threaten to shake the foundations of the family, this beautifully written and hypnotically paced novel explores the complex interaction of race, gender, class, and sexuality in a closed society